2022 NEC Classic Car Restoration Show

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Checking out the coolest and most tempting classic cars at the 19-20 March 2022 NEC Classic Car Restoration Show at the Birmingham NEC. Talking of tempted… I pick out some of the most interesting cars and reveal what they were estimated at and what they went for. Did you buy? Because maybe one particular car proved irresistible to someone you know…

Quick walkaround of the Practical Classics NEC Classic Car Restoration Show that took place last weekend (18-20 March 2022). See more coverage below!

Check out this stunningly immaculate 1988 Nissan Bluebird and South African-specced E30 BMW 327i Sport – uprated from a 325i – belonging to Irfan Mahboob and his father Mohammed Mahboob. These were at the Birmingham NEC Classic Car Restoration Show yesterday. An amazing and superbly presented twin set of cars.

Met Mike Sharman at the Classic Car Auctions at the NEC Classic Restoration Show. He had his unique Jaguar XJ-S hatchback up for sale. It’s still available for just over £16k now. As an apprentice at Jaguar, he had drawn up plans for a hatchback version of the XJ-S, but they never made one. So he created this out of a Audi TT rear hatch. This is the second one he has done and is based on the awesome TWR Sport version from 1987. Cool car, and it was lovely to meet him!

Reza Adil encounters a Triumph Dolomite at the NEC Classic Car Restoration show and is instantly transported back to his childhood. Classic cars are like classic songs – the revive memories.

Just arrived at the @necrestorationshow in the #BCGFordMustang

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