2022 NEC Classic Car Restoration Show

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Checking out the coolest and most tempting classic cars at the 19-20 March 2022 NEC Classic Car Restoration Show at the Birmingham NEC. Talking of tempted… I pick out some of the most interesting cars and reveal what they were estimated at and what they went for. Did you buy? Because maybe one particular car proved irresistible to someone you know…

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BMW E30 M3 is NOT the GoaT!

The original M3 is undeniably a legend, but is it really the best of its kind?

Oh… er… hi there… I see you’ve got your BMW M-Sport hoodie on there. Nice.

So um… BEHOLD the iconic original BMW M3 based on the classic hewn-from-Vibranium E30 3 Series, that vanquished fields of touring car competitors, slew its Mercedes 190E arch nemesis, and has ever since sat on the thrown of most-wanted modern classic BMW.

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