Cheapest & Costliest Places in the World to Buy a New Car

You Won’t Believe the Price Difference!

In this video I look at data from highlighting the cheapest and most expensive places in the world to buy cars. You simply will not believe the price difference between the cheapest and most expensive. It’s a shocker. Watch now.

I guess Singapore may not have come as a surprise to most people, although I wonder if including countries like Pakistan might have made a difference. The tax on imported cars there is ridiculous, but not as many new cars are ‘officially’ sold there, it’s mostly imports.

Still being asked to pay nearly £100k for a Golf seems absolutely absurd. Although £106k for a Ford Mustang – and I’m assuming its a V6 if they’ve compared like-for-like and as Canada came out top as the cheapest place to buy one at under £19k. It’s just rude not to buy one there!

Let me know what you think. Are these prices correct? Are there cheaper or even more expensive places to buy. How much is a VW Golf or Mustang where you are?

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