Rust Kills your Car & your Wallet!

10 Faults that wipe £££s off your Car’s Value

When it comes to selling your car, what faults and problems could lose pounds off the value of it? According to car leasing firm Moneyshake, here the top 10 most common car maintenance issues that together could devalue your car by nearly £5000.

Rust on the bumper loses you up to 15% or over £1300 on average, rare though as most bumpers are plastic these days. Tyre pressure warning light on? Lose £600 or 7%. Just check the tyres! Scratches on the roof are nearly £500 or 5%. Lost keys is 4% or £300.

If the spare wheel is missing or damaged, if electric windows don’t work, there are windscreen chips long than 1cm, there’s a broken headlight or the alloy wheels are dented – each of these issues will wipe another £335 off the price.

Finally an illuminated oil warning light will cost you 3% or about £275 – which is crazy because the potential for a blown engine should’ve made that the most expensive thing!

Basically if you want to sell your car for good money – sort out any little problems.


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