The Price of Movie Cars in Real Life

£18.2 Million for Gadget Mobile

How much would movie cars cost in real life? Well research by car insurance firm USwitch in collaboration with has revealed the estimated prices for fictional vehicles if they were sold in real life.

Inspector Gadget’s Gadget Mobile would cost a staggering £18.2m. The 1964 Lincoln continental convertible is only worth about £55k, but all the gadgets add millions.

Tony Stark’s Acura/Honda NSX in The Avengers is valued at £6.7m – because it’s Palladium powered. In reality it was an old 1990s NSX dressed up as a newer car – and it’s a one-off convertible!

The Batmobile Tumbler from The Dark Knight is £6.5m, James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 is £2.2m, then for some reason Harry Potter’s flying Ford Anglia is at just over a mil.

Next is the Autojet from THX 1138 – really a Lola T70 LeMans racer – for £725,000, Lightning McQueen is valued at £722,000, FAB1 from Thunderbirds is £181,000 and the GigaHorse from Mad Max Fury Road is £73,500.

Finally – how much for a time machine? The Back to the Future DeLorean is valued at only £40,000, and the Flux Capacitor that makes time travel possible? About £300 quid.

Great Scott – we have to go back!


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