Traffic Noise is Driving us Crazy!!

So are the EVs the answer – or how about my suggestion?

New research from Vehicle Contracts, the car leasing firm, claims noise pollution from traffic affects over 11.5 million people – 20% of the UK’s population.

I live in London, and I’m not surprised that out city tops the list wwith over 1.1 million people exposed to levels of 65 decibles and above – that’s 1 in 10 people. And at night even more people – 1.8 million – are effected by noise levesl over 50 decibles.

What can it do to you? It can cause hypertension, increased stress, increased blood pressure, hearing loss, heart disease, stroke and child reading impairment.

What’s the solution?

Apparently EV’s, as they produced about 40 decibles at low speed compared to a petrol or diesel car at 80 decibles and a truck or motorbike at around 93 decibles.

The only problem is, legislation requires EV to make a noise above 56 decibles at 12 mph or less, so that pedestrians can hear them coming.

So we’re not entirely going to get away from automotive noise.


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