I Drive Stunt Car Defender 110 from 007 Bond Movie – No Time To Die

Standard suspension and drivetrain on Land Rovers that did the big jumps!

27102020 #BCGBulletin – I drive one of the actual Land Rover Defender 110 stunt vehicles used in the crazy action sequences in the next 007 James Bond movie, No Time To Die – urged to go faster by stunt coordinator Lee Morrison and listen to stunt girl Jess Hawkins describe what it was like to do the big jump in Defender with standard drivetrain and suspension!

Actors fake it, movie sets are not real and stunt cars are never what they seem. You may see a Bugatti Veyron on the screen, but it’s more likely a Beetle chassis with a replica fibreglass body and a Chevrolet V8 motor – until the point it drives off the cliff, when it’s entirely CGI.

But there are exceptions. Like the Land Rover Defenders in the continuously delayed next Bond movie, ‘No Time To Die’ – the ones in the trailer that do massive jumps, crash through trees, roll over and keep going. Those are real; I know because I drove one.

Okay the interior is stripped out, there’s a roll cage and racing harnesses, but the drivetrain and suspension is mostly stock. With a stuntman yelling at me to go faster on a treacherous off-road course, the Defender proved its durability, performance and star quality. So if it’s good enough for 007…

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