Ronald Balit – NOT a Lebanese Rally Driver!

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From deck hand to car journalist to Rolls-Royce PR to a career with GM – but not a Lebanese rally driver, definitely NOT a Lebanese rally driver – meet Ronald Balit!

Ronald Balit hails from the land of the cedars, lebanon, fabled for its snowy mountain caps, gushing rivers and Mediterranean coast, its winding mountain roads, deep valleys, and….. rally drivers, all 4 million of them!

Ronald never aspired to be a rally driver, though he did try out for navigator once, he was passionate about cars and the industry that made them and dreamt to work in the industry as soon as he figured out becoming an Astronaut or president was things 5 year olds said and being a pilot was akin to being a glorified bus driver.

He wanted to be a car engineer, but even that was not to be. And thanks to his skill in finding a way into whatever profession interested him he’s been entrenched in the industry for the past 20 years, from the outside in, he is living the dream and he’s here with us today to tell us how he made it there and how he lives his passion every day.

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