I drove Ferrari F40 for Jeremy Clarkson’s Motorworld & hated it!

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 30042020 #BCGDaily – BrownCarGuy & Buddies

Continuing the series – ‘BrownCarGuy & Buddies’ in this episode I chat with Fraser Martin – a Scotsman who’s lived in the Gulf for over four decades and has been involved in just about every aspect of automotive and motoring in the Middle East, from instructing, to testing, to car development and motoring journalism.

Here he talks about that time he had to drive Mohammed Ben Sulayem’s supercars (Ferrari F40 and F50, Porsche 959 and Jaguar XJ220) all day for Jeremy Clarkson’s Motorworld and continues to shatter my illusions about the F40.

We also touch on the time he was hostage and human shield in Kuwait in the First Gulf War and what he learned from that; his extensive experience off-roading including how he proved a point by taking his Honda Jazz (one of the very first in the UAE) over an off-road course designed for a large SUV; that time we took a Volkswagen Passat CC 4Motion into the dunes and things went a bit wrong; and why most motoring journalists can’t drive – oh, he had to get that one in!

Plus we look at a the incredible dioramas he’s been creating over the last couple of years utilising the over 500-strong collection of classic model cars he has. You can see more that in the link below:

Fraser’s guide on coping with lockdown based on his time as a hostage in Kuwait:

Driving the VW CC in the dunes

Fraser’s model car collection:

Jeremy Clarkson’s Motorworld Dubai Episode

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