Coronavirus Could Make Cars Cool Again!

There is hope for the car industry!

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 24042020 #BCGDaily

Some interesting surveys out this week seem to point to one conclusion – cars will be back in favour again once this lockdown lifts!

For around a decade now, there has been a lot of anti-car rhetoric because of the environment, and as the young generation are engaged more by online socialising and prefer using public transport when they need to get around. However COVID-19 Coronavirus is making people think again.

As I catch up on what the automotive industry has been doing to help fight the world-wide war on coronavirus and how it’s starting to get going again, along with creating new content to engage existing car fans (find that on ) I try to contain my excitement at the prospect that interest in motoring and car ownership is about to experience a renaissance.

It’s all because using public transport and sharing space with other people is becoming a put-off. A survey by Autotrader says 66% of 18-24 year-olds said they would be less likely to use public transport. And nearly half (48%) of UK public transporter users have been put off and say they’re less like to use it. This is reflected by the fact that here in London tube journeys fell by 95% and bus by 85%.

In the survey 56% say that owning a vehicle will be more important in the future – surprisingly that increases to 64% in the cities. Whilst web visitors are down 30% on the Autotrader website, they still get three-quarters of a million visits a day and 25% of those surveyed said they were researching to buy their next car as soon as they are able to get out and buy one.

Automotive Analysts at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, claim car makers might have to rethink driverless cars and car-sharing schemes as users are less likely to want to share vehicles with other people.

Finally a survey from Hyundai confirms that 40% of people in lockdown can’t wait to just get out there in their cars and go for a drive just for fun. 5% are even looking forward to getting stuck in traffic again!

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