2019 Range Rover Evoque P300 Review

Here’s my car review video on the latest edition of the baby Rangie

The all-new Range Rover Evoque is indeed all-new despite appearances. It’s an evolution of the new styling theme that was introduced with the Evoque in 2011, and culminated in the gorgeous Velar.

But this car is 1mm longer, fractionally wider and 21mm longer in the wheelbase for improved rear leg space and 10% more luggage room.

There’s a digital rear view camera monitor now and an ‘invisible bonnet’ camera that shows you where the front wheels are and what’s under the car – good for off-roading.

There’s a base front-wheel drive with 150bhp diesel, plus two other diesel engine options. There’s also a 200bhp, 250bhp and 300bhp petrol which is what I drove – all 4WD with a 9-speed ZF auto.

I think the new styling works really well and makes the Evoque appear more grown up, desirable and sophisticated. In fact refinement and comfort have been the key areas of focus in developing the new car.

Though the 2.0 packs a punch in P300 guise, it’s does not quite have the sportiness of the Jaguar E-Pace for example but is very easy and satisfying to drive.

So why the all-new platform, because it’s engineered for Mild Hybrid technology which all but the base car have and soon will come with plug-in electric hybrid drive. The battery pack and systems sit under the floor so as to not impact the interior space. The mild hybrid has a 48 volt battery and improves the stop start fuel-saving function.

Overall another great offering from Land Rover and sure to be a hit. In Europe the size and economy make it very appealing, but it will be interesting to see how it does in the Middle East. Standby for video review and more info soon!


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