Happy Anniversary My Love!

22 years of gratitude

I am grateful my love; grateful to have you in my life, grateful to have you as my wife. Grateful that we found each other, grateful to have you as my soul mate forever.

The day I first set eyes upon you, is a day I’m grateful for;
the times we gaze pointlessly at each other, leaves me grateful yet more.

For the fleeting kisses at the door, I have naught but gratitude;
in facing the world, that tender touch fills me with fortitude.

For the counsel and wisdom I am grateful you see;
so too for your support, encouragement and of course the honesty.

To have you step-by-step at my side; makes me grateful to God and flush with pride.
To know you’ll save me when I stumble; and thankful for your grasp whenever I tumble.

For the unbreakable bond we nurture, for the affectionate hand through the hair;
for the comforting tone that says we’ll be okay, for all this I have only gratitude to share.

Grateful am I to be enduring not alone the challenges of the day-to-day;
knowing you’ve got my back enables me to push on despite what the naysayers say.

With my shortcomings so specious, and my failures so frequent;
my gratitude is overwhelmed with your gracious ability to remain so piquant.

I’m thankful for your tolerance through the years; for the knowing smile that calms my fears.
And I’m grateful for the days still to come; may the Lord bless us with love, laughter and oh, so much fun!

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