Cost of getting your driving licence varies from £965 to £1,717

According to research by, drivers in Reading and London pay almost double to learn to drive compared with other cities in the UK.

The typical cost of attaining your driving licence in Reading is £1,717 which compares to the national average of £1,296. The lowest cost was found to be in Manchester at £965. These figures include the costs of the provisional licence and driving tests at £119 and assume a requirement of 47 lessons. And that’s if you pass first time!

With the pass rate for those taking their theory test sitting just below 50%, that cost can increase to £142 and £165 for those taking their theory tests for a second or even third time. For learners that fail their practical test first time (government statistics show that nearly 54% fail first time), they can expect to pay a further £62 for every test taken, meaning their basic costs will go from £119 to £181 for taking a second test, and £243 for those hoping for third time lucky.

Reading and London came out as the most expensive areas for driving lessons at an average of £34 and £33 per hour respectively, with Southampton and Exeter in joint third at an average of £30 per hour. This is nearly double some areas in the UK with Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester as the cheapest options at £20, £19 and £18 for their average hourly prices.

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