Mercedes SLS – The beast that left a mark!

It didn’t need to physically assault me to leave a lasting memory, but it did anyway!

#ThrowBackThursday to around 8 or 9 years ago outside ITP HQ in Media City, Dubai, UAE.

We had this awesome Mercedes SLS with the spectacular Gullwing doors in on test at the Middle East edition of Car Magazine.

Almost every single person that got in and out of it banged their head on the doors, yet despite my 6ft 2in height, I never once did. I grew quite proud of the fact and started to boast about it, until of course I was getting back into it one last time to take back to Mercedes.

Boy I remember the throbbing pain and the bruise to this day. Can’t say the SLS didn’t leave an impression on me, that’s for sure!

Frankly though it didn’t need to resort to physical and mental scarring, it was a brutish beast of a thing, that made the most of its theatrical presence and ferocious engine.

The sound, the performance, the intimidating handling, the muscle car persona foiled in German robustness, left you wanting to risk another bump on the head each time you got out, and decided you needed to get back in and go around the block, just one more time.

It was a heady intoxicant of the type of car that makes you hope that the combustion engine isn’t dying off anytime soon.


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