Stunned and Stifled Incredulity

Whilst watching the BBC just now, this penned itself.

This is not happening

A buffoon-in-chief speaks – or should that be reads badly – on matters he simply can’t begin to comprehend. The insincerity stabs at you with every jab of the tiny paw.

An audience sits in mock attentiveness apparently enraptured, whilst cushioned on overwhelming plushness, each individual in deep contemplation about what they will sample first at the buffet tonight, and mildly bemused by the inept, naive ignorance assaulting their lobes.

An epic farce plays out on the Beeb, the commentators mumble ‘presidential’ and the stock markets spend a 100 billion that’ll never be paid.

Witnessing the feting of fantasy on a delicate world stage, we sit in stunned and stifled incredulity, outraged at the enormous absurdity that engulfs us in this far-from-advanced timid new world order.

Common sense is broken, the world’s gone mad and we’re all doomed.

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