Terrorists don’t discriminate – why do we?

Stop attributing religious or social and geo-political identities to terrorists. And describe them as what they are – cold-blooded, unthinking, ruthless, evil murdering psychopaths.

Terrorists are not Islamists, Jihadis, Radicals, Extremists, Fundamentalists and they are certainly not even Muslim. Terrorists are simply just that – terrorists.

Frankly if you were struggling within yourself (Jihad) to follow the radically extreme version of actual Islam, you’d realise that the fundamental tenets simply don’t allow for the harming of innocents and that suicide itself is considered a sin.

When it comes to the victims of their evil, Terrorists are not particularly discrimatory or discerning – and the reality is that more often than not, the people they kill most, are the very people who are unjustly accused of being terrorists – Muslims.

Have you heard about this bloody week of terror in Pakistan? Perhaps. But not nearly as loudly, I suspect, as you would have if terrorist atrocities were committed in Europe or America.

Acts of terror are tragic, atrocious and to be condemned and decried wherever they may occur.

By the way, over a 100 people have been killed in Pakistan by terrorists this week. A hundred lives gone. A hundred families left in grief. A hundred ordinary people just to trying to get on with their lives, here no more. A hundred hopeful futures extinguished.

Sometimes I can’t help but lament that whilst the West’s War on Terror may not be overtly a War on Muslims, it is Muslims (ordinary Muslims) that are getting slaughtered in the crossfire.

BBC News links:

Pakistan ‘kills 100 militants’ after Sufi shrine attack

Pakistan’s bloody week: Who is really to blame?


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