What’s really behind the Muslim Ban

The so-called Muslim ban is just the first salvo, and I think I’ve figured out what the end game is here. It’s not dumb at all, it’s actually very deliberate indeed. And terrifying.

Shepard Faireys Inauguration Posters

The people are protesting, the celebs are speeching up, and the judges are adamant that it’s all completely unconstitutional. As for the rest of us we’re utterly bewildered. 

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave is now the Land of No Entry and the Home of Utter Confusion.

And things are about to get a lot more horrific and surreal – if I’ve correctly sussed out what this is really all about.

Meanwhile ordinary people are (as usual) bearing the brunt of this BS. That’s ordinary people, not terrorist people.

Because if terrorist people want to get into your country, they’ll still get in. But they don’t actually even need to, and that’s the real problem with these restrictions.

Ben Garrison

They achieve no purpose other than to harass innocent people, antagonise everyone else and give cause to those looking to create evil mischief. This is what is really crucial and the key to the whole matter.

It’s bad enough that countries like Iran are sabre-rattling already, and there could be retaliation in terms of bans for Americans in some countries or perhaps worst.

And the worst is the scary part. Especially for America. Because the worst won’t fly or float in. It’ll be from right at home.

You see this whole completely ineffectual move to instigate these illegal restrictions on others – and particularly its own residents (ie Green Card holders) is designed purely and simply to provoke.

It’s made a lot of people angry. Tensions are raised and blood is boiling – how long before it explodes (quite literally, quite sadly).

Jimmy Margulies

Think about it this way, as absurd and ridiculous as these entry restrictions, and as inflaming as the rhetoric is, it’s all still feasible and doable.

Despite what our Facebook feeds and newcasts are showing us, there is actually some support in America for Trump’s actions.

However would these same people be ready to accept Muslim-registers, rounding up of Muslims, and Muslim Internment Camps? Probably not, and the back-lash against such moves by right-thinking Americans would be too great.

But what if you could actually align public opinion to not only accept such concepts but actually demand it?

How could that happen?

Drew Sheneman
Drew Sheneman

Simple. All that would be need to kick that off would be a couple of brutal and horrific attacks by home-grown ‘Muslim’ terrorists, a scenario not impossible to conceive, as we’ve already seen that you don’t always have to import your terrorists.

As unthinkable, horrifying and despicable as such occurrences might be, it would give President Trump the carte-blanch remit to take any action he deems necessary to safeguard people and restore law and order – including registers and even rounding up Muslims and potentially putting them in Internment camps.

End game.

The only solution to avoid this? It’s one that unfortunately I fear will not be employed. Everyone needs to calm down, employ proper legal actions, tone down the tension and think things through.

Treat the spoilt little orange man-child like the kid that he is. Ignore him. Don’t take the bait.

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