Abandoned in Ajman! With Video!

All these cars, seen yesterday in the Ajman Industrial Zone in UAE, are either for sale, repair/restoration, breaking or scrapping.


Click through for the full gallery and exclusive video!


This Stingray didn’t look too bad physically – only in need of a wash. But it doesn’t look like it’s run in a while.


Probably being worked on, this Elcamino was at the Red Line Workshop. Sweet colour, very jealous of the owner!


This could be fine… if you could rechrome it, repaint it, fill all the holes, reupholster the interior, fix all the mechanicals, sell your soul to the devil, join the Illuminati…


The Syclone  – again at Red Line Workshop – appeared to be in for some work. It’s a legendary truck, something of a Ferrari-beater. The lower car, a Typhoon, equally illustrious, looks far from being able to beat anything, not even the ravages of time. Sad sight.


Another one in for work at Red Line, this car is a total Wankel…. engined Mazda RX-7. Curvalicious and very sexy little coupe.


Just in need of a wash, and ready to go straight out supercar-slaying!


Definitely a candidate for restoration if you can find the panels, the engine, the transmission, the interior, the doors…. er… and find out what it is! Ok actually, it’s a Mark 2 Toyota MR2. Superb poor man’s Ferrari from Japan this mid-engine sports car was an icon in its day. Hopefully its bits have gone towards saving another of these rare-in-the-Middle-East sportscars.


Hopefully just in need of a wash and a bit of work. Superb exterior in the correct white with blue stripes and smart wheels. Restomod probably, but sits right and looks awesome with a manual transmission… wow. I SOOO want this!


How does this Corvette C4, so covered in dirt and surrounded by shit still managed to look so utterly sleek and elegant and cool and so much want, dammit!


How adorable is this little Ford Bronco? Superb colours, utilitarian looks, this appears to be a tough little bruiser with a few battle scars. Looks like it was also in for restoration at Red Line. Would love to see this running. Probably from the 70s this was meant to be a Jeep CJ rival featuring a Straight Six motor (some even had a V8).


Don’t dismiss this! Fox-body Mustangs are the new hot tip when it comes to classic cars – rising values and appreciation of these hardy muscle cars makes them cool again all of a sudden. Basic laughs for still cheap money, this is worth rescuing – someone get it!


Imthishan doesn’t get this at all – but to me this Honda Legend is… well… LEGEND! It was Japan’s first foray into the high-end luxury market. It came with Honda’s F1-pedigree V6 motor, and this particular car is a rare manual edition. I haven’t seen one in the metal for over 20 years, so this is an extremely rare sight indeed. No idea what the story is with this, looked dumped, but that would be sad. I’d be tempted, bodywork looked fine, but it might need some mechanical work. If you go save it, please let me know, I’d love a drive!

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