2nd Day of 2017: How’s it been so far?

It’s a fresh start for sure. How do we know this? It’s in the numbers!

2nd Jan 2017

Well are you feeling any different yet? Is it completely and utterly a fabulous new year? Probably not.

To be honest, the ‘new’ year probably doesn’t really feel much different to last week. You’re probably thinking your life’s still a mess, your job still sucks and the only thing in your bank account is tumbleweed.

Believe me I know, I feel you – I’m in the same boat.

But it’s not about the new year really being ‘new’. Of course nothing has changed overnight. What it’s really about is ‘attitude’.

Press this now!

This is about taking the opportunity to press the reset button of life. It’s about doing a hard refresh on the hard drive of our lives.

It’s about bringing the right mental attitude to life itself, to try and drive forward, to make it work for you and most importantly to try and make it better.

It’s your approach to the year that’s going to make it different, the year itself is not going to change, the world is not going to change.

A lot of people talk about positivity, and it is a powerful tool. It is at least as infectious as negativity. Let’s not kid ourselves, negativity is infectious. That’s why it’s often said, don’t surround yourselves with negativity and negative people.


There’s research out at the moment that shows that the longer more people spend on Facebook (and yes I do see the irony of you probably having found this content through Facebook) the more depressed they get. Which figures, because there is so much depressing stuff on Facebook at the moment isn’t there?

I’m not saying that you should walk around the office loudly trying to charge everyone up, shouting things like ‘We’re gonna do this, we’re gonna be winners this year!’ and thumping all your colleagues on the back.

The only positivity you’re likely to get out of that is a positive smack on the face from one of your colleagues as they get fed up of you being so bloody annoying.

Shut up meme

I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about keeping it in your head and externalising it in more subtle ways. It could be manifested as grim determination and quiet confidence and self-belief.

It’s a case of deciding that – ‘yes, I’m going to make things work this year’, and encouraging other people, and helping others to progress and assuring them that, you know what, we’re going to get through this together, and it’s gonna be good!

Coming back to the 2016 and 2017, maybe there is a reason to believe that it will be a different year. I’m not one for numerology, I don’t know much about it, I don’t necessarily believe it, but I did read something the other day, that I found very fascinating…

Amboy, Kalifornien, USA, Hist. Route 66

They reduce numbers in numerology. If you reduced 2016 you get the number 9, which as the end of the scale I guess, being that you always end up with a number from 1 to 9, represents the end of a cycle, a conclusion; and it can be a tense and difficult time.

Take 2017 on the other hand and you end up with the number 1. Now that represents a beginning, creation, a start. So in that sense there is something to be said about the number of this year – 2017 – and hopefully then therefore for the year 2017 itself.

So whilst it is the 2nd of January, and nothing much seems to have changed and there is still a lot of bad stuff going on in the world, that’s just how it’s going to, and that’s how it’s still going to stay.


Let’s be honest, there’s not a lot that we as individuals on our own can do about the awfulness in the world, apart from making our voices heard. And do that, absolutely do that – but try not to dwell on it too much.

Because as an individual what you can really try and do is affect that which is near and around you. And at the end of day, the more of us that do that, the more of us that project positivity to the immediate world around us, the more we’ll have that snowball effect, and the more we’ll be able to help spread that on a wider scale.

We’re not going to be able to change the world overnight, but you know what, it starts with one, it starts with you and me. As it was said, in the great opening sequence of Knight Rider: ‘One man can make a difference’.

KITT of Knight Rider in Dubai


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