For you Humaira; I wrote this:

Happy Anniversary

What?! 19-years already? Can’t be!

Scale it down to the timeline in my head and we only got married a couple of months back – don’t know whose kids those are sleeping there.

And it seems only a week before that, Cupid caught us by surprise and truly, madly, deeply happened forever.

People talk about enduring love. That’s for sure; that’s for later.

Meanwhile ours is still fresh and fragrant, crisp and tingling. A look, a touch, a subtle upturn of the corner of the mouth, and I got chills, they’re multiplying, and I’m losing control. Cause the power, you’re supplying, it’s… well you know.

I don’t have the moves like Travolta, nor even Jagger, never did actually. But you always make my heart skip a beat, my spirit disco, and my head boogie woogie.

On this rollercoaster ride of life, I’d crash off at the top, or bury myself at the bottom, if not for your hand in mine – keeping me on the rails.

Throughout our voyages, only together we conquer the treacherous waters, fend off the sharks and savour the sun.

Here I am still, high on blessings, looking to the heavens, raising my hands to the sky, singing thanks for you in my life. Even in the darkest of days, my gratitude glows bright, a fiery reflection in the dive-in-deep pupils of your ever-enchanting gaze.

Walking taller than I am tall, the strength in my soul feeding off your selfless devotion, we’re the hybrid that makes perfect sense. We hug, we cling, we squeeze and we merge into eternal oneness. We are never separate.

19 years is nothing, 19,000 will not do. Love you honey, always have, always will.


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