Stop the press as the world discovers that if you try to bend something, it actually does bend – plus my own #BendGate video after the jump reveals shocking results!


#BendGate. Not actually a bendy gate as such. No. In fact it’s a viral avalanche of outrage at the fact that if you take a long thin largely metal object, and apply pressure to the middle then, shock, horror, it actually has the audacity to bend before your very eyes.

There appear to be lots of people happily going out and spending around several thousand dirhams or more on a brand new iPhone 6 Plus, bringing it back and wilfully destroying it on video. They’re making a point it seems, showing up that corporate giant, Apple, for what it is, a cheapskate fake without Jobs (see what I did there?).

Here’s my own BendGate video

And they’re going about this process by systematically buying up more iPhones and then breaking them. Riiiight… What a bunch of idiots!

Quite aside from the drastic tragic waste of seeing the pinnacle of smart phone technology reduced to a pile of clever components, some bent aluminium and an indestructible piece of glass (anyone else noticed that that never actually breaks?!) all #BendGate actually proves is that if you try to break something, then lo and behold, it does actually break!

It’s like buying a brand new car, driving it out of the dealership and deliberately straight into a brick wall – on camera of course – and then being all outraged that the crumple zone er… utterly crumpled!

Are we really so reliant on manufacturers to idiot-proof everything that we can flagrantly applaud the complete and total lack of our own basic common sense – so patently evident in these many demonstrations of #BendGate.

What’s next? Should we unhook our flat-screen TVs allow them to fall to the ground and be all disgusted that it got smashed? Shall we be indignant the next time a glass slips from our hands and obliterates itself into a gazillion injurious shards on the kitchen floor? Could we blame, even sue, door makers the next time we turn around and walk into one?

Or should we perhaps just apply a little logic in handling obviously delicate things and be mature and sensible about it? Trouble is that #ILookedAfterMyiPhoneAndItDidn’tBend is just too long a hashtag! Anyway, enough of the bandwagon-jumping, I’m getting off at this stop right here!

And the next time one of you wants to destroy an iPhone 6 Plus on video – stop, come to your senses, and give it to me instead!!


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