Iron Man 3 - Tony Stark goes Die Hard

Iron Man, or rather Tony Stark appears to go all Die Hard in the third movie, not DH 3, 4 and 5, but 1 and 2 – the good ones.

But stripped of his toys, his bots and his Audi R8s (although he somehow always ends up driving an Audi of some sort anyway), Starks gets to explore whether the ‘Iron Man’ part of his identity, is his suit or what’s within himself.

Like the first movie, he resorts to his wits, skills, intelligence and talent to build crude but clever stuff to beat the bad guys with.

It’s a fun and thrilling ride as you’d expect, building up to a suitably outrageous and spectacular finale, but for a while the movie dawdles and tries to be a little grown up, bringing up past demons that need to be conquered.

Frankly it’s Robert Downey-Junior’s ability to convincingly go from smarmy and smug, to humble and vulnerable to acerbic and sharp-witted in the space of a few beats, that pulls it off and keeps the viewer engaged.

I only very occasionally bought Iron Man comics when I was a kid. It was only when the shop didn’t have the latest Superman, Batman, and Spiderman that I would resort to the reading about the smart geezer in the absurdly heavy suit – even then I found that difficult to comprehend. He was thus relegated to the ranks of Hulk, Thor and er… Aquaman.

In the latest movie the suit has evolved even further beyond belief and has become a remote thingy, bits of which can all somehow fly around entirely on their own. Aww… please!

But the charisma of the Downey-Junior is what continues to make Iron Man the next most intriguing – and yes, entertaining, movie superhero after Batman. Henry Cavil has a tough task to follow this act with Man of Steel, the summer’s other big Superhero movie.

The 3D aspect of the cinematic experience seems to add little more to the movie than a headache-inducer – but not many cinemas are giving you the alternative choice. Nonetheless, if it’s still on – why do movies seem run out so quickly these days? – then it’s definitely worth of a summer blockbuster status.

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