Taking a Moment to Celebrate Britain’s First Brown PM!

Whatever the politics or the outcome, this is a massive milestone

At the rate at which we in Britain are going through our Prime Ministers, it’ll be a miracle if new PM, Rishi Sunak, lasts the week, never mind the month, or till Christmas and it’ll be an absolute shocker if he’s still there to fight the next election. 

He may be the fall guy for the Conservatives, who probably know they’re doomed when it comes to the next time the public get a vote. There is much to be speculated as to how and why, someone who lost the race to PM just seven weeks ago, is suddenly catapulted to the highest job in the GB in record time. 

It’s clear the Conversative MPs probably wanted him there last time, but the wider membership didn’t. That draws an obvious conclusion, as this is the same party that brought us Brexit, and whatever your socio-economic arguments around the basis of Brexit, the reality is that most of the public that voted for it, believed Leave Means Leave – i.e. immigrants leave. 

Interestingly some numbers out recently indicated that back then 67% of the public were against immigration, and now (that there’s an acute labour shortage) only 42% harbour the same notions. 

I guess there’s buyer’s regret all round. And perhaps the party is thinking, “well, we’ve tried the cowboys, let’s give the Indian a go!”

And you know, he may just be the ticket. Rishi Rich he might be, but there’s no denying that he’s clever, and that he’s good at what he does – in fact that’s a given. For any minority person to achieve a high position here, they have to be about 10 times better than white contemporaries. 

The first British-Asian, Indian-origin and youngest PM for a hundred years, may well be just the ‘boy genius’ we require right now – “He’s the Prime Minister Britain Needs, not the Prime Minister it Deserves,” to paraphrase a famous Dark Knight quote. 

With an economy about to crash, inflation out of control, Putin making Nuclear threats on Europe’s doorstep, Brexit still not quite done and health care services close to collapse, why would anyone even want to take on this top job? It’s not going to be easy, that’s for sure, trust Truss on that one. 

However, regardless of all that, putting aside whatever calamity might come next, you can’t blame me for just taking a moment to revel in this moment. 

I grew up in London, in the 1970s, when racist abuse was a daily fact of life, and ‘Pakis Go Home’ was something you just got used to. Most of us tried to pretend it wasn’t really about us – after all, we were British-born and held British passports – so who’s the Paki? 

But really, we knew we were targeted, and if there was any doubt, verbal and physical attacks, bricks through your window or poo in your letterbox would confirm it. It gets to you. It wears you down. You live with it. It limits you and your ambitions quite frankly. And you never quite shake it off. 

As a result, I never, EVER, imagined a Brown Person would be Prime Minister during my actual lifetime. I know he’s not elected nor has a people’s mandate, but even so: he’s the man, he’s got the top job, and he’s Brown.

Wow yaar. Just Wow!

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