Home Secretaries That Hate Themselves!

Goings on at the Conservative party Conference, brought on this Rant. Sorry!

Conservatives are having a joke, right?

I’m not just talking about the economy, which frankly Bozo the clown would be making a better job of right now.

But I’m talking of their record of making brown people Home Secretaries. 

And not just any brown people. But brown people that hate who they are, brown people that hate brown people, in fact, brown people that hate all immigrants, minorities, oh and poor people. 

Priti Patel introduced this obnoxious plan to fly immigrants off to Rwanda, and the new one, Suella Braverman (pictured above), says it’s her DREAM to do that. She’s a politician. A public servant. Yet her DREAM is to destroy the dreams of other human beings by sending them to a land they don’t belong to, and don’t want to go to.

Of course there needs to be control on immigration and illegal immigration needs to be curtailed for humanitarian reasons if nothing else, but there’s got to be a more holistic and sympathetic approach than just loading them onto flights?

That’s not all, she also wants to stop given poor people money. She believes they’re all layabouts. If she had her way, they’d all be in labour camps it seems. And she’s very upset about the government’s u-turn on the 45p top end tax.

And this lady, got a standing ovation at the conservative party conference yesterday. This is how dictators are created you know!

Another previous Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, doesn’t get off lightly either. 

Whatever you may think about would-be teenager terrorist, Shamima Begum, was it right to strip her British citizenship? No matter what heinous crime someone has committed, is that what you do? I mean, you try them, jail them, heck execute them for treason (which by the way, was still a thing untill 1998 in the UK) – but take away their identity? Take away their passport, and simply wash your hands of them?

This was from a Home Secretary who would know, that deep down, it’s a fear all British minority communities of colour hold. No matter whether we’re naturalised, born here, or several generations in. And the reason for that fear? It’s because this is who we are. We ARE British, we wouldn’t know how to be anything else. 

And yet a brown person took away a brown person’s passport. Wow.

So my message to brown people or any minority ethnic people that do well in politics, I’m not saying you should constantly be broadcasting your origin story, or favouring your communities excessively, but at least be true to yourselves, at least use that to be relatable, at least be authentic. 

You should inspire the rest of us, and make us proud of you achieving these amazing positions, not leave us embarrassed and frankly a bit disgusted.

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