All-new 2022 Range Rover revealed!

Great luxury and tech than ever for fifth gen Range Rover

It may look similar to the previous version, but over 50 years in the making, this is in fact, the all-new fifth generation Range Rover, which will also be the last to feature traditional ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) power units. Initially being made available with a series of six-cylinder petrol, mile-hybrid, plug-in hybrids, and diesel engines, as well as a BMW-sourced 4.4-litre V8, an all-electric version of this car will also be introduced in 2024. So much new technology has gone into this car that 125 patents have been filed. 

As for the styling, look closely and it’s a very different machine. Cleaner, smoother, the grille is higher and the slimmer headlights feature 1.2 million micro-mirrors with a processor to control them. The bumper is flush with bodywork, featuring horizontal elements to suggest width and give the Range Rover more presence (as if it needs it). In profile the clamshell bonnet remains but the flanks are less fussy, the side blades are simpler but the hockey stick bottom garnish is gone, as are the flatter surrounds around the windows and the door handles now retract into the doors when not needed. 

The most distinctive difference is the rear design with an upside-down ‘U’ or horseshoe bend framing the lower half and hiding within the taillamps and indicators, which feature clever LEDs that face into the car with the light reflected backwards for more even and crisper lighting. It retains a split folding tailgate with slide-out seating that features glass holders and speakers (the sound systems can be operated by a phone app). 

An all-new structure (80% constructed from aluminium) means the car is slightly longer (by 70mm) and features a bigger wheelbase (plus 50mm) for more room which now allows for an optional two extra seats behind the second row, designed to accommodate adults, but an even larger SV luxury version (200mm longer and identified by black oval Land Rover and unique white ceramic SV badges) will be offered with four fully reclining seats, power fold-out table and huge rear screens for the ultimate in opulence.

In the front you’re still able to drive regally with an elbow perched on the window sill, but there the similarity with previous versions end, as the interior is thoroughly modern and screen-focussed whilst retaining an air of quality and class. The cabin features traditional wood and leather trim, but also alternative premium trim offerings such as Ultrafabrics and Kvadrat wool-blend. It will be quieter too with noise-cancelling speakers in the headrests. Cabin purification can even filter out coronavirus and Amazon’s Alexa will be incorporated. 

Of course, it will come with standard four-wheel drive and expect the Range Rover to be over-engineered for off-roading ability that will rarely be used, with a 90cm wading depth and 295mm ground clearance. However, it will also come with all-wheel steering for better same-direction high speed stability and a tighter turning circle of 11m cubed. Ride comfort is guaranteed thanks to advanced electronic air suspension, plus a 48-volt electronic anti-roll system. The platform is also stiffer and stronger. 

While power-hungry traditionalists will appreciate the new (for Range Rover) 530bhp twin-turbo V8 providing 0-62mph acceleration in 4.6 seconds, there will also be 510bhp and 440bhp plug-in hybrids that will offer an impressive EV-only range of 62 miles and CO2 emissions below 30g/km. 

The all-new Range Rover is available to order now with prices starting from £94,400. 

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