2021 Jaguar F-Pace SVR Review

Make the most of this beast of an SUV while you still can!

Less than four seconds, 3.8 to be exact. That’s how quickly you’ll reach 60mph having started from rest in a Jaguar F-Pace SVR. Your jaw will have dropped in shock, you’ll forget to breath, your neck will be pinned against the headrest and a your ears will be pummelled by savage guttural roar. Meanwhile your partner will be berating you to slow down, the children will be whooping and laughing in the back, and the wide-eyed dog will be slammed into the back window confused as to how that tree he just had his eye on, shrank so quickly.

Overawed as you will be at the relentless force of momentum conjured up by a posh family SUV from Jaguar, you won’t want to lift off. Revelling in the forces unleashed by a mighty supercharged old-school 5.0-litre V8, churning out 550bhp and funnelling 516lb ft of torque through all four wheels, you’ll be tempted to see it out all the way to the 178mph top speed.

The Jaguar F-Pace makes no sense at all, especially not at nearly £78,000, considering the F-Pace model range starts at £40k and the P400e at £56k would give you all the performance you could ever need in the real world. Plus the SVR barely manages 23mpg and scoffs at the environment with CO2 emissions of 275g/km.

For 2021 as well as the increased torque, quicker acceleration and higher top speed, the aerodynamics have been improved, there’s a new bumper, larger brake cooling vents, new LED headlights and taillights and 22-inch forge alloy wheels. The suspension, brakes and steering have all been uprated. There’s an active rear differential and torque vectoring braking to keep this firmly planted to the tarmac and heading in the direction you compel it to, at whatever velocity you choose.

Improvements inside include the new Jaguar-Land Rover infotainment system with a huge floating 11.4-inch touch screen, sexy sports seat, exquisitely presented quality upholstery and trim and a proper lever to select gears with. Stubby it may be, but a knob it isn’t anymore.

There is very little logic I can proffer you dear reader as encouragement to procure this sensational vehicle. Sure it’s practical, sure it will quietly go about the daily grind too, pretending to be sensible and serene when you require. But at its core, it is a nutter mental raving loon, and you’re either going to want one or not. I want one.

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