The Skills and Secrets of Self Help

This interview was so much fun to do with my dear old buddy!

Check out my second interview show at The Big Jalebi with one of my dearest and oldest buddies Kalpesh Patel – this was a lot of fun to do!

A bit of fun and lots of learning with Kalpesh Patel – he is a natural born Entrepreneur, and one of the most Dynamic & Inspirational Speakers in the UK, who touched over 500,000 lives over 12 years. He is one of the Founders of “World Transformation Organization”. Kalpesh continuously learns from other gurus, experts and masters around the world and condensed his knowledge into simple, understandable form to share it with others. This comprehensive chit chat tells what it takes to survive on your own and also how economic growth is always good for nations. Every year, World Transformation Day, celebrates people who made difference in their lives on first Sunday of April. Learn more about Kalpesh Patel at

The Big Jalebi

Shahzad Sheikh:

A multimedia specialist and professional motoring journalist with three decades of experience in print, digital, broadcast, social media, YouTube and TV.

Jalpesh Thakrar:

Jalpesh is involved in property business called Elevation 88, he deals in properties, high end properties, residential, commercial, hotels and also in luxury brands.

Lakhi Singh:

Lakhi Singh is a social media influencer, works in property industry and helping clients in their wealth creation. He’s the head of sales & marketing at Rescue My Properties.….


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