Meet the Bacalar by Bentley Mulliner Coachbuilding

You couldn’t have the concept, but you could have this, except you can’t – they’re all spoken for

Bentley Mullinar has revealed this incredible two-seat Bacalar based on a Continental GT and inspired by the 2019 EXP 100 GT concept car. Only 12 cars will be made, each with the 6.0-litre W12 engine producing 650bhp.

It is named after Laguna Bacalar in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, a lake renowned for its breath-taking natural beauty.

Every panel apart from the door handle is bespoke on this roofless Barchetta design. It has a 20mm wider track than the Continental GT and features 22-inch wheels.

Sustainable, ethically-sourced materials previewed in the EXP 100 GT and employed in the Bacalar include paint containing ash from rice husks, which provides a sustainable way of delivering a rich metallic finish, natural British wool and 5,000-year-old Riverwood sourced from the ancient Fenlands of East Anglia.

All examples of the exquisite Bentley Mulliner Bacalar have already been allocated to customers from around the world.

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