The Big Jalebi Ep1: How to make millions in one year

Check out the first episode of The Big Jalebi Interviews – Intricate, Tasteful & Moreish. Conversation you won’t want to miss!

Jane Bayler having a background in business development, sales & marketing, is a property entrepreneur, and business relationship expert. She has successfully developed and maintained profitable business relationships across three sectors: media, education and property.

This quick-witted discussion discovers the magic formula of Jane’s success for turning 1 million £ into 6 million £ company and her recently launched book, ‘The Smart Connector’ – about entrepreneurial relationship success – which is an Amazon best seller both in the UK and in the US, in the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Category. Hear, Jane’s definition of an entrepreneur, she talks about why smart connection is the best way to go through life and how to get your brand message out, also how Lakhi and Jalpesh join to share their business relationship strategies.

In the Big Jalebi, we deep dive in discussion with thought-leaders, motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, business executives, entertainers, sports personalities and other high-profile individuals. We find out what makes them tick, what we can learn from them, and share philosophies and thoughts on how we can all improve and contribute towards making better lives for ourselves and each other.

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