Write him off if you must, but don’t ignore him

How is it we live in a world where all the political pundits tell us that a man who speaks of a just, fair, peaceful and hopeful future for us and our young has no chance of winning an election, whilst an out-of-touch, flighty, egomaniac focussed solely on strengthening her own power base (like her counterpart across the Atlantic) – to the obvious detriment of what we used to understand democracy to be – is a sure bet?

An old video sure, but please listen to this speech and then ponder that this is not a man that talks about conceited and contrived ‘strong and stable’ politics.

He talks about…

He talks about a future of economic vibrancy, in which the market is stimulated and inescapable rut of austerity is abandoned.
He talks about free education for our youth – because ‘education is not for the individual, but for society as a whole,’ and those capable and seeking to better themselves are not penalised with horrendous debt.
He talks of saving our planet from irreparable damage because hey, you know what, we all live on it, and simply can’t afford to pretend we’re not suffocating Mother Earth, and hence speeding up the doomsday clock for us all.
And he talks about creating a society where everyone respects and cares for everyone else – and he means globally.
In short he talks about a future we should be trying to create for the sake of our children, not a present we’re desperately trying to hold together, as it fragments at the seams, for our own greedy self-interests.
Here is a man that everyone has written off (simply because he is not part of the establishment – the same establishment that has effed everything up so badly right now) and who may not win the next election.
But here is a man who should be heard. Because we should all be thinking as he does. We owe each other that much.

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