We service a Malibu to find out exactly what your car goes through


Chevrolet offers a 1hr service, and we managed to get a behind-the-scenes hands-on experience of what actually goes on from the moment you drop off your car, to the moment you pick it up.

Click through to watch the video!

If you’ve ever wonder about what a main dealer service entails, whether it’s just a quick oil-change and a wash, or if there’s more to it; if the car is actually checked over for your safety, and whether the work can even be done within the time claimed, then you need to watch the video above.

We had no doubts about a car being serviced properly, and that it’s possible for it to be done in less than 60 minutes, but what took us by surprise is the amount of additional work and checks that are carried out on the car, such as checking the lights, brakes, seatbelts and spare tyre, and indeed rotating the tyres and even lubricating the door hinges.

Each car is assigned two technicians and a supervisor who at the end of the service will take the car for a test drive.

It’s fair to assume, or expect, of course, that most main dealerships go through pretty much the same procedure, but Chevrolet offers a turn-around time of one-hour. Watch the video to see if we completed the service of a Malibu within the allotted time, despite our interfering and ‘having a go’!




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