Happy Birthday to my love, my life, my wife!

The passing of a year is like a mere fold in the fabric of eternal love, and yet each stitch in time makes our bonding weave still stronger and sturdier.

The Wife

As we grow older and wiser, we remain the naughty and nervous, fascinated and fervent young souls we always were. That’s how we beat back the clock, that’s how we keep fuelling the spark. You enchant me, you inspire me, you keep me sane, you keep me keen.

As a mum, as a wife, the beauty in your spirit is the joy in our lives.

We don’t declare our emotions often enough, we don’t make them as apparent as they should shine; but in this moment, know that you are cherished beyond life itself.

If I could rip aside every limitation and bring you all the happiness this world can offer, I would do so in the stitch of a heartbeat – that which beats as one within us both.

Happy Birthday my soul mate!

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