Life is shit, and then you die… Okay, that could sum up this movie, but life is also about understanding, overcoming, accepting and coming to terms with the shit it throws at you. Piku

I hardly ever watch Bollywood movies anymore, but this was well worth breaking the rule for.


A simple down-to-Earth road movie, taking you on a short journey of discovery about aging, the frustrations of life, figuring out the right thing to do (even when it’s not the right thing) and poo!

Bowel movements play a big part in this movie, but it’s a charming and sweet film that will strike a nerve with all of us who frequently stop to think about life (and death) and ask: ‘why me?’ To which the answer of course is, ‘It’s not just you’.

Natural acting, realistic dialogue, and no over-the-topness normally found in today’s Indian films. And I’m not just saying this because I’m an Amitabh fan… Actually I am, but it’s all true!

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