Hang on, is my subconscious trying to play a very expensive trick on me?

Need a new iPhone 6 Plus

In a fit of rage about something earlier today I slammed my fist hard on the table as you do. What you don’t do, and what I forgot I was doing, was holding my iPhone 4 at the time. The poor thing took the brunt of the force. Fortunately it somehow shrugged off the incident completely, there wasn’t even a scratch. I was almost 100% relieved..

Last week, whilst gesticulating and waving my hands about making a point to someone about something, the same iPhone flew out of my weak grip and fell to the floor. Not a sliver of its precious glass face was cracked or chipped. Fortunately.

I have no intention of damaging my iPhone. That is what I keep telling myself. And I’m pretty sure that it is true. Because, in fact, I love my smart phone. I rely on it constantly, and have used it extensively as those that follow me on MotoringME.com will know.

Need a new iPhone 6 Plus

In the four years I have had, it’s suffered no damage beyond a few scratches to its casing – because I looked after it and treated it with care, as you should any cherished new item.

So what of these two recent incidents? Is it something subconscious? Is it because some part of me knows that there is an all-new all-singing and dancing iPhone 6 Plus out there somewhere with my name on it?

Trouble is I’m not the sort of person who will bin something that still perfectly does the job it was intended for, just because there is a newer replacement on the market. Internally I need to be able to justify my purchasing decisions.

So I wonder if I have stopped mollycoddling my iPhone because I secretly want it to die, thereby giving me necessary cause to go buy another? Hmm… isn’t there a name in psychology given to this sort of behaviour. What was it now? Ah yes…


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