Dubai Police Ferrari FF and Lamborghini Aventador

Feel like complementing the Dubai Traffic Police today, for a couple of recent incidents.

The first was several weeks ago when I was crawling in the filter queue on Emirates road in the Sharjah direction trying to get off at the Al Nahda exit. I got brutally cut-up by a pick up that just chopped right in front of me and caused me to brake hard.

It was still some way away from the slipway. But as we got there a traffic policemen stationed at that point stepped in front of the pick up and pulled him over. I can’t comprehend how he had seen the incident, but he clearly had. As I drove past I put the window down and thanked the cop; he nodded in acknowledgement.

This morning I double parked at the airport to drop a friend off, and despite the fact that several cars had already done the same thing, I was admittedly badly positioned, and really should have waited to get one of the proper slots, but I figured I would be quick about it. Unfortunately for me I was seen by two cops who immediately asked for my licence and registration.

Well at least the officer was very courteous about it, explained to me what I had done wrong, and then took the time to tell me in English exactly what was written on the ticket. At the end of it, I could do nothing more than accept it, apologise for my mistake, and thank him for his politeness.

As I got back in the car to drive off, he stepped in front me again, and I figured I was about to get another fine. Instead he took the ticket back off me and said he would let me off with a warning this time. How sweet is that?!

So big-up to the fine folk of the Dubai Police Department!

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