Where NOT To Get Caught Speeding!

Where are the most (and least) number of speed cameras in the UK

Insurance provider Go Shorty has revealed where you’re most likely to be caught speeding in the UK, plus the fastest driver that got caught. I’ll also tell you where there are the least number of speed cameras!

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Police to get Ford Mustang Mach-E

The police could get an electric car with supercar acceleration

Typically you might laugh at the thought of the police driving electric cars – you have done when you’ve seen the BMW i3 haven’t you? But the latest electric car being evaluated by UK police forces is the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

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How NOT to get caught speeding!

Could cost you points, your licence, and 150% of a week’s salary

Slow down! Yesterday (2nd August) saw the beginning of a week-long operation by police and GEM Motoring Assist to target speeding drivers in England. GEM is a road safety and breakdown organisation. During the next few days of enhanced checks and enforcement, they’ll be handing out speeding tickets faster than quarantine pings in a pandemic.

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Dubai in Series 1 Land Rover

Leading a Land Rover convoy through Dubai in an open top classic Landie!

Back in 2012 the UAE Land Rover owner’s club held a parade through Dubai on Friday. Watch the entire parade from my mate Arif Al Yedaiwi’s lead car, his original Series 1, followed by 60 other Land Rovers and with a police escort. I filmed this on a GoPro with time lapse. The actual drive was an hour long, but here compressed to four minutes! Still love how it turned out.

The First Car Review… got me arrested!

From a Volvo test car to a Volvo Police car – it didn’t quite go to plan

The first car review Volvo 740 GLE

I’ve been writing about cars and the car industry for nearly 30 years and exactly 29 years ago, on 30 August 1989, my first ever car review was published in The Saudi Gazette. And only now am I revealing that it nearly got me jailed!

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