Save the British Car Industry!

Without Help it Will Collapse Losing us £77bn!

The British car industry is under threat from multiple directions, but it’s worth around £77bn to the UK economy. We need the Government to step in and act fast to save what was once the second biggest car industry in the world and the biggest exporter of cars to the globe in the 1950s.

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One thought on “Save the British Car Industry!

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  1. Between Khan, who just sees the Motorist as a way of financing his scams, and these loony left morons it will be a sure way of destroying what’s left of the motor industry in this country and once it’s gone there will be no return. These dimwits, that actually believe that electric cars are the answer, should do a little research to enlighten themselves to the scam that is being foisted on us by the likes of Khan and co. and the manufacturers. The truth about electric vehicles has been hidden for years, such as a 5-6 year battery life and replacement cost of around £25,000. How about sitting in at a charging point for around 50 minutes to give your batteries a charge that MAY get you up to 100 miles, depending what traffic conditions are. The whole thing is a complete and absolute scam and can never replace petrol or diesel. You might also wonder why LPG powered vehicles were basically dumped, when you could have an emission free engine and pay around 50p a litre for the gas (which is a by product of making other fuels) We are being scammed and we just sit here and accept their bullcrap.


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