Road Rage! 😡

Leading causes of Road Rage, Plus where are Britain’s Angriest drivers?

70% of Motorists Get Road Rage Behind The Wheel

Source – Britain’s angriest drivers are in:

– East Riding of Yorkshire 100%
– Antrim, Ireland 90%
– Lanarkshire 88.9%
– Northamptonshire 88.9%
– Suffolk 87.5%

71% of male drivers admitted to road rage and 68% of women

25-34 year-olds experience road rage the most at 76%

35-44 year-olds experience the least road rage at 68%

Most Common Reasons for Road Rage:

-Drivers on the phone – 57.3% (you could get 6 penalty points)
– Drivers not indicating – 57.2%
– Slow Drivers – 51.8%
– Tailgating – 44.4%
– Last minute braking – 43%

53.4% of people swear when they get road rage, 44.2% Shout angrily, 42.6% slam on the horn

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