All-New BMW XM Details!

What do you think of this – especially the gold accent?

All-new BMW XM – The last BMW’s M Division developed its own car, they created the M1. 44 years later, they created their second bespoke M car. Meet the XM.

It’s a full-size SUV and shares the BMW X7 platform. XM is powered by a twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8 Plug-in Hybrid drivetrain driving all four wheels (xDrive) through an 8-speed ZF automatic. The petrol engine produces 482bhp and 650Nm. An electric motor is integrated into the gearbox and produces 193bhp and 281Nm. Total output is 644bhp and 800Nm. That gives it 0-62mph acceleration in 4.3 seconds. Next year there will be an even more powerful version, called the XM Red Label with 738bhp.

It can drive up to 55 miles in EV mode alone at up to 87mph. It features active M suspension, and active roll stabilisation employing a 48V electric motor. There’s Integral Active Steering. It’s 5.1m long and at over 2m wide it’s broader than any other BMW. The outer border of each kidney grille is gold in colour which matched by the gold accent band that follows the waistline and wraps over the side glass area. Plus gold wheels. Or you could opt for the Black edition. Prices start at about £145,000

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