Don’t Miss the 2022 British Motor Show – I’ll be there!

Come see me hosting Tech Theatre Live at the British Motor Show 18-21 August

The British Motor Show takes place at Farnborough International on August 18-21 and I’ll be there hosting the Tech Theatre Live stage! It’s one of several live events including the live action arena (hosted by Wheeler Dealer’s Mike Brewer), motorsports arena and main stage hosted by automotive TV celebrities, Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw of Car SOS. 

Additionally, you’ll see YouTuber Yanni of Yannimize, the Paul Swift stunt team, new models from major brands and get to test drive new cars. 

Over 70,000 visitors are expected and ticket prices start from just £18.50 or £37 for a family of four. 

There will also be an attempt on three Guinness World Records, two of which will be attempted by the aforementioned legendary stunt driver, Paul Swift including the tightest ever parallel park by an electric car – that’s when he slides perfectly into a impossibly tight parking spot between two cars – the gap will be less than 20cm. 

Paul’s second record attempt will be for most donuts around a motorcycle performing a wheelie in one minute – he has to beat six donuts in a Ford Mustang. 

The third record-breaking attempt will be for the most photos of people with the same car uploaded to Facebook in one hour! Using a new Ford Mustang, showgoers will be given one-hour windows to upload their images. 

Plus, I’ll be there hosting the Tech Theatre Live in the technology and electric car hall – come see me there!


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