Ferrari Purosangue Pictures Leaked!!

First look at actual Ferrari SUV

These spy shots of the forthcoming new Ferrari SUV have been circulating on social media.

The Purosangue appears to have quite a long front end for an SUV, very similar to the Ferrari Roma on first glance. But it’s higher with a more aggressive lower front fascia.

Black wheel arch extensions give it the butch style of an all-wheel drive, but the strange scallop curved into the front door and extending into the fender and clamshell bonnet is odd, and leaves the mirror hanging in confusion, or is that disbelief?

The contoured lower section makes this car slimmer and more elongated looking than most SUVs.

Bear in mind this leaked images might be a little distorted. From the rear it looks a lot like a GTC4 Lusso but taller.

Not much is known about the drivetrain, but expect it highly likely to be launched with Ferrari’s twin-turbo V8, though perhaps with a hybrid powertrain and electric motors to power the front wheels. Or it could feature the V12 from the GTC4 Lusso.

More details as we get them. Meanwhile can someone please explain how to pronounce Purosangue!

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