President Elect Trump. Wow. How did that happen? He’s a reality TV star and a billionaire business man with a very dubious track record and no political experience. He comes across as a vile and vulgar person, a bully, a thug, a potential villain in a Bond movie. He is now the leader of the most powerful nation in the world.

Trump art

I’m flabbergasted. I’m appalled, I’m confused. But I’ve been reading and watching a lot of comments and opinions about this. And I think I’m starting to get it now.

And what’s becoming apparent is that we can’t blame Trump voters and supporters for this. I don’t think it’s their fault. It’s ours for ignoring them.

Look, just hear me out.

But first, some people have said to me – ‘what’s your problem man, it’s not your country, it’s not your concern, what difference does it really make? Who cares? Why do you worry so much?’

Well first of all, we should care. We should all care about everything that happens on this fragile planet we live on. It’s just not good enough to simply wallow in our own insularity anymore.

I mean when America gets a stomach bug, we all get the shits! And when it comes to the environment and the global economy, I think it should be obvious by now, that what happens in one part of the world can have massive consequences everywhere else.

Yeah so he’s the President now. You’re thinking, what’s the worst that could happen?

What, you mean aside from potentially facing another crippling world-wide financial meltdown, or even worst, a nuclear holocaust?

Okay fine, whatever, let’s not get hung up on him. What concerned me more than anything, is how and why did this happen. Who voted him in? Why they do it? Are we seeing a terrifying rise of fascism?

And this is where something much more significant starts to crystallize.

There are vast swathes of America, vast multitudes of people who are barely living on the edge of helplessness and hopelessness. They are the forgotten, the forsaken. No one’s been listening to them, no one’s been looking out for them.

Certainly not the establishment.

And that’s what happened here. This wasn’t about racism or sexism, this was a reaction against a status quo that simply hasn’t worked for, and helped these people. And they deserve attention and importance as much as any of us.

There’s just no point dismissing them as insignificant and unimportant – because they’ve just demonstrated vividly that they’re very significant indeed.

So if these are working class people with no jobs, no prospects, no future, no hope and nowhere to turn to – why did they go with Trump who is someone their complete opposite? They surely don’t relate to him?


See, if you’re stuck in an impossible situation, if you’re a dad or a mom and you want to provide for your family, and give them a hope for betterment, you’ll do anything, you’ll turn to anyone, if there’s even an inkling that they could make that happen. And I think most of us can relate to that.

Look, let’s flip this on its head for a minute.

We all wanted Hillary Clinton to win. Why? No, truthfully, honestly, why?

Is she incredibly intelligent? Yes. Is she a nice person? Maybe. Can she be trusted? Unlikely. Would she have been the greatest President ever? Nah. Would she have even been your first choice for a candidate? Probably not.

So why did we want her to win?

Because we didn’t want the other guy to get in. That’s what it boiled down to.

Hillary, we knew, would pretty much preserve the status quo, not rock the boat and things would carry on as they were – largely screwed up, but tolerable. We’re used to that.

Trump on the other hand is unpredictable, a loose cannon, a complete outsider to professional politics.

Now put yourself in the shoes of the desperate multitudes and think of the two candidates again:

Hillary Clinton, ‘everything will stay the same, my situation will never improve’

Donald Trump, ‘he’ll definitely shake things up, and besides I’ve got nothing to lose, things can’t get any worst…’

Look at that way, and it all starts to make sense.

I mean those that voted for him, may well know, even as we do, that he can’t and won’t really help them. That things will not actually improve, that he can’t suddenly restart dead industries and create artificial new jobs.

But maybe that’s not the point. Maybe the point was to send a message: ‘We’re not taking this bullshit anymore. We want a change. ‘

It does make you think that the Democrats could have won if they’d put Bernie Sanders forward – he was after all, they’re real ‘candidate for change’ and could have won over that protest vote.

Contemplating all of this, I have to say, I think it’s right for people to demand a change, to make their voice heard, to send a very strong message to the established elite that:

‘We’ve had enough, we’re not taking anymore!

‘You’d better stop ignoring us and do something about our needs and hopes, and our future, or we’re going to pull the rug out from right under your house of cards.’

And I think this rising cry of a 21st century revolt against inequity and unfairness, is a global phenomenon.

After all, aren’t we all fed up of corrupt, greedy and power-crazed politicians ruining our lives, hemming us in, depriving us of hope and a chance to fulfil our potential, and even leading us into pointless and destructive conflicts and wars, that we really don’t need or can afford right now.

The world’s a mess, and who’s been running it? The established elite.

Witness the Arab Spring. Witness Brexit. Again, I now believe that this wasn’t a won on a ticket of prejudice and racism, but on a desire for change and betterment. This is why the US election is being seen as a parallel to Brexit.

Racist and bigots hijacked Brexit, yes, but that’s not why people voted for it. Nobody really understood what it would actually mean of course, they just voted for ‘change’ because they didn’t see things as they were, working out for them at all.

And CHANGE is a powerful draw to the destitute.

So here’s a thought, could the next British election be a parallel of the US election? People keep saying that Jeremy Corbyn simply can’t actually win an election, that he’s an outsider, not part of the traditional elite.

Ah, well perhaps that’s exactly what will guarantee him an election victory, in this strange new world we live in. I hope the British Labour Party learns from what happened in the US.

The world is full of people who have not been dealt a great hand in life, and desperately want the same hope and opportunity, that is seemingly afforded to only a select few. They want a chance at a decent life if not betterment, at the very least more than just bare survival.

It’s time to stop ignoring them, to stop pretending they don’t exist.

It’s time to think bigger, think wider, be all-encompassing, and to expect, and want, and be ready, for radical change in how things run on our little blue marble in space. Cause we’ve got nowhere else to escape to.

So maybe Trump did need to happen. Perhaps it was necessary. The question is, what happens next? And I think we have to all stop being so complacent and uncaring about things, because that, my friends, is now up to us. The elite are no longer in control.

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