Previously I’ve not found the notion of testing Chinese cars very appealing at all, and that’s the honest truth. And the reality was we didn’t feel it necessary either. Initially Chinese cars made headway into the Commercial sector and Fleet sales – which of course makes sense.

Changan CS75 review on

We always said that when regular consumers – ie you, our readers – started putting their own hard-earned into the ownership of Chinese cars, we’d start looking at them. Frankly that shift is now becoming apparent, so it was time to brave unknown waters.

Watch my video review above or read the rest of the review at this link on

4 thoughts on “My first ever review of a Chinese car – Changan CS75

    1. The Changan was good, I thought the Haval was better. But my favourite of the Chinese SUVs was the Geely Emgrand X7.


      1. Thank you for your advice, will book a drive test for Geely as well. But I have seen alot of Changan and Haval on roads, Haval seems to have better reviews and the drive was also good, Changan people didn’t had a car to test. Nobody is a fan of Geely in Saudia, I don’t know why. If you can advice me further on which one to buy, I will be very grateful.


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