Ice Tea Powder Review

I love Ice Tea, and this powdered stuff is great because I can keep it in the cupboard and just make it up whenever I want.

Ice Tea Powder

I usually buy the Lipton Ice Tea Powder, but I thought I’d try the Nestea version for a change and to compare the two.

Here’s my verdict: the Nestea is disgusting. It has an over-concentrated sickly sweet test that no amount of additional dilution could remove, and the drink itself has a dull cloudy appearance. To make matters worse there’s an awful metallic aftertaste.

I threw it away after half a glass.

As for the Lipton version – I simply can’t get enough of it! The liquid is clear and vibrant and as long as you get the dilution ratio right, it’s just the right amount of flavour.

I think I’m going to go back downstairs now and buy up a few more bags of the Lipton from my local West Zone supermarket in case they run out of it!

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