I do remember the original TV series, in the same way I just about recall the 1960s Mission Impossible series. Straight up I have to say I really enjoyed this big screen reboot of The Man from Uncle. But here are three things I have to get off my chest about it.


1. I got really nostalgic watching this. I’m more a child of the 70s but the Samsonite cases, profusion of bakelite plastic, classic telephones including the Ericofon, as well as the fashion and furniture were all familiar to me. And this movie rose-tints everything making it all look so much sexier and chic than it really was, and way cooler than Austin Powers managed.


2. How is Henry Cavil more of a Superman-type persona in this movie than he is in the Man of Steel POS?! More reasons, I believe, to hold Zack Snyder personally responsible for the travesty that that movie is to the lore of Superman. Cavil has way more charisma (occasionally even scene-stealing) in this film and I’d definitely be keen to see him again in the sequel.


3. As a car guy I loved all the old motors in this film, from the E-types, to the F1 race car based on the Honda RA300, and even the Multipla, Wartburg and Trabant. Sadly they only showed but never drove the 250GTO depicted in some of the movie posters. But whilst the movie seemed to go to great lengths to adhere to period authenticity, what the hell happened when it came to the climatic car chase at the end? The Landy and Buggy were both way, way too modern to fit in the movie. Particular when the Russian got to ride a cool replica of Steve McQueen’s bike from the 1960s.

That last bit really annoyed me, but wasn’t quite enough to spoil what was an otherwise fun ride.

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