The trailer looked pretty slick, and Brad Pitts presence gave it instant credibility, but World War Z is pretty much Will Smith’s I am Legend, meets Tom Cruise’s War of the Worlds.

Which still makes it eminently watchable, but be in no doubt, it’s just another zombie movie, albeit filmed with a big budget.

The trouble is I’m bored of Zombies. Actually, truth be told, I don’t really entirely get the fascination with them in the first place.

I see the comedic element, and they’re perfect for shoot ’em up games – legitimising the indiscriminate and brutal killing… Actually it’s not killing is it? They’re already dead, and I guess that’s the point. It appeals to the savage within us, without troubling the conscience.

Except that it does. At least for me. The walking dead are presumably people who were once living, just. like our stereotypical band of plucky survivors in any of these movies who are gleefully picking them off.

Losing entire populations to zombification, would be traumatic to whatever humanity survived.

Then there’s the fact that zombies are inherently stupid. They’re slow, clumsy, uncoordinated (aside from the ones in Thriller!), feature no motive or intelligence, and are fairly easy to outwit.

Aside from the fact that they are unrelenting and want to eat you, they’re not entirely formidable foes. And it’s an absolute travesty to believe that the entire human race would be defeated by them.

I’d rather  we saw our end at the hands of the smarts Apes!

If you’re fascinated by zombie apocalypse scenarios, go ahead and watch WWZ, it is at least a well made, slightly more sophisticated zombie movie.

Don’t expect anything new here though.

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