Destination Star Trek – Live Long & Never Go Again

Forget Engage, it’s all about economics not about enjoyment

A cynical, joyless money-grabbing exercise, with an utterly mediocre and dreary set-up, but totally awesome fans and stupendous cos-players. 

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What cars would Star Trek characters drive?

2021 Star Trek Day – 8 September

Happy Star Trek Day! To celebrate I’m looking at what cars would Star Trek’s most famous characters drive? If they drove, because they don’t need to, because of course they have transporters! What would Kirk, Picard and even Q or the Gorn Captain drive? Who’d have a Raptor, M2 Competition or Nissan GTR? Find out in this video, to mark the day that Star Trek the Original Series was first broadcast – 8th September 1966. And let me know what you think these or other characters from across the Star Trek universe would drive in the comments below!

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Podcast with Dervish Dervish [Cars, Helicopter Gunships & Spacecraft]

Podcast with an automotive, aeronautical and aerospace engineer

Check out my podcast with Dervish Dervish of Full Throttle with Dervish (link below) an automotive, aeronautical and aerospace engineer as we talk cars, helicopter gunships and spacecraft.

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Post Opulence Rolls-Royce & Post-Pandemic VW + how Mr Fusion & Atomic batteries could save the world!

28072020 #BCGBulletin – an open letter from the Boss of Rolls-Royce, what Volkswagen thinks the future of transport will look like, plus Star Trek, Back to the Future and Batman!

  • All-new Rolls-Royce Ghost is on the way – and the CEO has written an open letter but ‘post-opulence’.
  • Volkswagen gives its insights into what a post-COVID-19 world of transport might look like.
  • A new Institute in the UK will dream up new innovations in motoring and engineering.
  • Lorries that think they’re trams – is that a good idea?

Seven Least Likely Automotive Predictions for 2020

Here’s what definitely, positively, certainly will not happen next year. Probably.

I dropped my crystal ball, it shattered internally and now it’s more crystallised than crystal clear. It doesn’t matter; the world is topsy-turvy and there is a massive disturbance in the Force. Well, at least a major upset, worthy of at least a couple of swigs of Pepto-Bismol I’d wager, especially if you’re reading this after Christmas dinner, enthroned upon the old Armitage Shanks!

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I still need an adult

Collision course to catastrophe or keeping it real and rocking?

I need an adult

Sitting and caressing a cup of cocoa, thoughts of life, the universe and how 42 was definitely not the right answer, start creeping into the remaining cells of the grey matter now thinly stretching across the vast empty cavern of my rattly old skull.

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The-last-sane-person-in-the-Asylum sort of day…

I’m sad, and more than a little personally gutted as something of a Trekker, to concede that the utopia dreamt up by Gene Roddenberry in the Star Trek universe will never come to be. This is not because Einstein killed the Warp Drive, or because we’ll all end up as scrambled molecules after ill-advised mass Transporter experiments.


It’s simply because the easiest of all the advancements depicted in Star Trek is beyond our grasp. That of course being ‘human evolution’. I’m not referring to the disappointment of not growing an extra pair of eyes in the back of our heads, or developing telepathic abilities, nor even sporting cybernetic implants and robotic limbs.

I mean sociological, conscientious and cultural evolution.

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3 things that make ComicCon great! (MEFCC 2015)

The Middle East Film and Comic Con has exploded into one of the most spectacular events in Dubai, and a mainstay in the annual calendar, after just four years. Here’s what makes it great.

Cosplay Cat Woman Middle East Film & Comic Con

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