India Independence Day & Amitabh Bachchan’s coolest movie cars!

Here’s a run down of the best motors featured with Big B on screen

To celebrate the 73rdIndependence day of India I wanted to create a piece of content related to cars. Yesterday, as a tribute to Pakistan’s Independence day, I posted up a story and video on the Top Ten most important cars for the motorists and car enthusiasts of Pakistan. However I wanted to do something a little different for India.

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Jinn-Busting in a Firebreather!

Chasing down spooky spirits in the UAE, at the wheel of the Pontiac Firebird-inspired Firebreather

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween just gone, I was reminded of this feature I did back in 2015 for Motoring Middle East – tracking down ghosts and ghouls in a Pontiac Firebird-inspired Chevrolet Camaro modified and customised by Classic Design Concepts. Did I find any demons? Well examine the pictures carefully and then let me know in the comments! Read on, if you dare…

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Video – 50 Years of Camaro: 1980s!

Here I am going back to my favourite of all the decades I’ve lived – the 1980s. I go for the Miami Vice look and drive an 1988 Camaro in this special Motoring Middle East video series celebrating 50 Years of the Camaro.

50 Years of Camaro - 1980s
Getting Totally Amped!

We look at the years that gave us the best in music, film and television shows, and brought new hope and optimism to the world – something we could really do with right now. Click through to watch the video.

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