India Independence Day & Amitabh Bachchan’s coolest movie cars!

Here’s a run down of the best motors featured with Big B on screen

To celebrate the 73rdIndependence day of India I wanted to create a piece of content related to cars. Yesterday, as a tribute to Pakistan’s Independence day, I posted up a story and video on the Top Ten most important cars for the motorists and car enthusiasts of Pakistan. However I wanted to do something a little different for India.

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Secrets of an Automotive PR Professional

Catching up with a PR buddy from Dubai

In this video I catch up with PR professional, good friend and supporter Tom Conway-Gordon. Having worked both in the UK and Dubai, I got to know Tom from the Chevrolet Camaro launch a decade ago. He worked on the huge General Motors Middle East account and also on the very important Daimler Mercedes-Benz account for the region.

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Why the 1969 Camaro was the best Chevy ever

When Chevrolet scratched a cat and ate Mustangs

In Dubai, UAE, around 2012 I shot this beautiful 1969 Chevrolet Camaro belonging to Khalid Bin Hadher of Performance Garage for featuring to go on the Motoring Middle East website. He later resprayed it to yellow and soon I’ll post up another feature we did with it then – stay tuned.

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Jinn-Busting in a Firebreather!

Chasing down spooky spirits in the UAE, at the wheel of the Pontiac Firebird-inspired Firebreather

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween just gone, I was reminded of this feature I did back in 2015 for Motoring Middle East – tracking down ghosts and ghouls in a Pontiac Firebird-inspired Chevrolet Camaro modified and customised by Classic Design Concepts. Did I find any demons? Well examine the pictures carefully and then let me know in the comments! Read on, if you dare…

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Video – 50 Years of Camaro: 1980s!

Here I am going back to my favourite of all the decades I’ve lived – the 1980s. I go for the Miami Vice look and drive an 1988 Camaro in this special Motoring Middle East video series celebrating 50 Years of the Camaro.

50 Years of Camaro - 1980s
Getting Totally Amped!

We look at the years that gave us the best in music, film and television shows, and brought new hope and optimism to the world – something we could really do with right now. Click through to watch the video.

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Teaser – Episode 3 Camaro Series: 1980s

Episode 3 our very special series on 50 Years of the Camaro – featuring the 1980s – drops tomorrow on &

Here’s a little teaser:

Click through to watch the previous two episodes now

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Teaser – Ep2 Camaro Series: 1970s

Episode 2 our very special series on 50 Years of the Camaro – featuring the 1970s – drops tomorrow on & Don’t miss here’s a little teaser:

And if you missed it, click through now to watch Episode 1 featuring me dressed up like Austin Powers on his day off!

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50 Years of the Camaro – The 1960s

The first in our very special five-part series celebrating 50 years of the Camaro on

1969 Chevrolet Camaro

The first video features me driving a 1969 Camaro SS in Dubai and looking back at a truly revolutionary decade. Plus I dress up in paisley pants! Click more for the video now and some pictures of this gorgeous car.

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