‘OutRun’ Topless Testarossa

‘OutRun’ Ferrari Testarossa Spider in Arcade Game Homage Film by Sotheby’s 🤩

Sotheby’s is offering a topless Ferrari Testarossa for sale! Only one Testarossa Spider was ever made by the factory for Fiat boss, Gianni Agnelli. But Design House Pininfarina built several including seven made for Brunei Royalty. A Topless Testarossa was made famous by hit the 1980s arcade game ‘OutRun’. RM Sotheby’s actually produced this film as homage to that legendary computer game. They used this 1990 Ferrari Testarossa Pininfarina Spider ‘Special Production’. It will be offered for sale in London on 5th November. This film is probably the most workout it’s had in its 32-year life, as it’s one-owner with less than 500km. Even so, it underwent 177,000 Euro worth of restoration work by Pininfarina and Zanasi recently. It’s estimated to sell for £1.4m-1.8m.

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1980’s Top 10 Best Cars Ever

the Most Mega Cars from the Mega Decade

In this video I pick the best car – and some special mentions and shout outs – from each year of the best decade ever – the 1980s. From Ferraris to Hondas and Porsches, plus even a Subaru or two. 10 years of awesomeness and 10 best cars ever. Watch this now. And tell me your favourite cars from the 1980s as well as mentioning which other decade had great cars.

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Demand Hyundai Makes Grandeur Restomod EV!

Forget the Genesis G90 – THIS is the luxury car Hyundai should make!

Forget that new Genesis G90 – THIS is the luxury car that Hyundai should be making – a restomod EV! Meet the Hyundai Grandeur Restomod EV created to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its first flagship luxury saloon. It’s brilliant! Except for the fact that it’s a one-off. Build it, Hyundai, build it now!!

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Sue Baker interview on BCG & Buddies!

Original Top Gear Host on Today’s TG & Covering the Hunt-Lauda Rush Era

‘Brown Car Guy & Buddies’ – Sue Baker was one of the original hosts of Top Gear, appearing on 100 programmes over 11 years from 1980 to 1991. She also raced, co-drove with Michele Mouton (in a short-wheelbase Audi Quattro Sport rally car), Derek Bell and others, as well as covering the legendary James Hunt vs Niki Lauda era in Formula 1.

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ThrowBackThursday Remembering the Lotus Etna Concept!

As Lotus teases a new hypercar, I remember seeing its show-stopper from the mid-80s!

#ThrowBackThursday – Lotus cars is revealing and teasing a name and details of its forthcoming Type 130 all-electric hypercar, the Evija – a very clever name as it has ‘EV’ in it and pretty much reads ‘Alive’ backwards – at the Goodwood Festival of Speed today.

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