Vauxhall Corsa Review

Which one is this? Veeru or Jai?

Imagine two friends, let’s call them Veeru and Jai. In every regard they’re very closely matched in their abilities and skills and you know that when the chips are down, either would have your back and get you through a tough gig. The difference is in how.

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Vauxhall made ‘The World’s First Sports Car’

Watch this Vauxhall heritage video from 20 years ago

Here’s a Vauxhall film made around 20 years ago which shows the breadth of Vauxhall’s heritage and its sporting endeavour. It was resent out today with a press release series remembering the manufacturer’s past iconic cars. Today was the turn of the Vauxhall C-10 ‘Prince Henry’ dubbed ‘The World’s First Sports Car’.

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Top 3 cars to buy this weekend

Friday Fantasy Car Shopping – here’s my top picks for this week

It’s freezing outside, the worst time to be going out car buying right? Well actually it’s the best time to be getting bargains. But the wonders of the internet mean I’m doing my Friday Fantasy shopping snuggled up in my dressing gown.

And here’s three cars I found that I would be sorely tempted to go out and put hard-earned on.

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